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New dealership with iGaging

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We are proud and delighted to announce our dealership with iGaging USA.

iGaging from San Clemente California ( makes and develops multiple measuring tools like digital callipers, micrometers, height gauges, led lighting and magnifiers (with UV), and microscopes for example to check smd and electronic pcb.

Because of their innovative character en de production of high quality products, this dealership will be a great addition to our product range.
The measuring tools like the digital callipers, height gauges, micrometers and digital dial indicators have data output possibilities. This can be with an output port (USB) or wireless. The measured values can be send to the computer, smartphone or tablet instantly for measuring reports, calibration results but also to use it for reversed engineering. The values can be send to for example 3D drawing software like Inventor or Solidworks, what makes the measuring tools very user friendly and it saves time.

Underneath we will show a few videos that have been made by a few active customers (we thank the customers for reviewing the products):