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ASD4 linear encoder (50 – 500mm) 5µm

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Total length of the linear encoder will be measuring length (L0) + the minimum required length (for mounting) of the linear encoder. Please check the dimension drawing.

ATTENTION! BiGa products are not compatible with other brands without wiring adjustment. If you want to use BiGa in combination with other brand products ask us for advise.


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ASD4 linear encoder (50 – 500mm) 5µm used in conjunction with our TOP20 or BC20 digital readout is designed for manual machine tools or other equipment having linear movements, for example lathe, milling machines and cnc equipment. Alternatively the encoder output can be used for automatic positioning control of machine tools or similar equipment via CNC or PLC unit .The encoders may also be fitted to co-ordinate measurement or other measurement equipment used for high accuracy inspection & measurement.



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