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Dealer of high quality digitale readouts from Mikronel (IES)

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Yesterday we had a nice meeting with Mr. Murat Yilmaz, Managing Director of IES (Mikronel) digital readouts. Mikronel is made in Turkey with a very high quality and functionality known for 25 years but disappeared from the Dutch market. MNEL as they where called was distributed in Europe by Time Technology but unfortunately they stopped. Until now there was no other distributor from this brand and the older digital readouts had to be replaced with other brands readouts. Yes.. until now as from today we will start selling Mikronel digital readouts again and will put them back on the market!! As soon as all the information is gathered we will add their nice and high quality products to our website as well. For maintenance and repair of Mikronel digital readouts please contact us (also the older MNEL 220, 320 etc).