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Linear encoders

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Linear Encoders

When it comes to measuring the exact position of a moving object, linear encoders come into play. These encoders play a crucial role in various industries. One encoder that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the linear magnetic encoder. These devices use magnetic fields to determine positions. An advantage of these magnetic encoders is their ability to handle dirt, dust, and other environmental factors better.

A linear encoder measures via a coding pattern (often stripes or markings) located on a scale or ruler. As an object moves along this scale, a sensor reads the changes in this pattern and converts it into a digital signal that indicates the exact position of the object.

Our brands of Linear Encoders are:

Trabiss Metrology offers various brands in its range, each with its own specialties and advantages.

  • Delos: known for its technology not yet widely adopted by many users and durability. The encoders can be used in many industrial applications.
  • Ditron: their products are ideal for complex measurements, combining reliability with accuracy.
  • Mikronel: the encoders are user-friendly and stand out with high-quality technology.
  • Biga: these encoders are ideal for heavy industrial applications.
  • Trabiss: and of course, our own brand Trabiss. Guarantees quality and reliability.

The encoders can also be ordered in sets with digital readouts. These sets provide a combined measurement and reading system solution. The combination ensures that the workflow is effective and smooth.

If you are considering purchasing a linear encoder but are unsure which one is best for you, we at Trabiss Metrology are happy to help you review the encoders and provide technical support.

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