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Rotary encoders

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Rotary Encoders

A rotary encoder, also known as a pulse generator, is an electronic device with a rotating shaft that generates pulses with each rotation. The position or movement of a shaft or disk is converted into a digital or analog signal. The exact position, speed, or direction of movement is determined. For  maximum accuracy, it is advisable buying a rotary encoder (absolute).

Two main types of encoders:

  1. Incremental rotary encoder: The encoder generates a simple pulse train. The pulses are counted and converted into a rotation angle (or translation distance).
  2. Absolute rotary encoder: The encoder has multiple signals and directly indicates the angular rotation. It is not necessary to count pulses. There are also encoders that not only measure angular rotation but also count the number of revolutions.

The encoders are known for their flexibility, accuracy, and play a crucial role in determining the position of rotating or linear movements. When working with closed-loop control systems, such as with servo motors, these encoders are ideal. They provide the control system with valuable feedback on the position, speed, and direction of movement, allowing the system to be adjusted to achieve the desired performance.

Rotary encoders are used in various sectors, including:

  • Robotics: Encoders ensure precise and controlled movements of robot arms, joints, and other moving parts.
  • Medical equipment: Encoders are used in MRI machines, X-ray devices, and surgical robots.
  • Aerospace: Encoders are essential for navigating, targeting, and monitoring aircraft and satellites.
  • Automation: They are used to track the position and movement of machines and components.

When purchasing a rotary encoder, it is important to consider specifications such as resolution, output type, and form factor. The choice of brand is also crucial. Trabiss Metrology offers high-quality encoders from brands like Fenac (a leading brand in encoders) and Precizika (known for high-quality optical and magnetic encoders). We are happy to assist you in making the right choice for buying a rotary encoder


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