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Digital Calipers

Trabiss Metrology is recognized as a specialist in the field of digital calipers. These electronic calipers are indispensable for professionals seeking precision and reliability in their work. We offer a wide range of high-quality electronic calipers that cater to diverse needs, including the digital caliper 300mm.

If you’re in search of an electronic caliper, Trabiss Metrology is the right choice. We have a carefully curated collection featuring respected brands such as iGaging and Tesa. Each brand and model has its unique features and benefits, ensuring that you find a product that aligns with your preferences and requirements. Our ability to provide customized solutions allows us to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our assortment includes various types of electronic calipers. For instance, the digital disc brake caliper is specially designed for measuring the thickness of disc brakes. The digital depth caliper with 2 fixed jaws is ideal for precision depth measurements. If you’re seeking advanced technology and user-friendliness, the iGaging CoolantCal smart wireless digital caliper is an excellent choice. This wireless caliper can transmit data to your devices, making documentation and analysis of measurements even more efficient.

Trabiss Metrology also caters to larger objects, exemplified by the digital caliper 300mm. This robust and precise measuring instrument is ideal for larger applications without compromising on accuracy.

What does Trabiss Metrology stand for?

We offer high-quality measuring instruments. The reliability and accuracy of our products make us a trustworthy partner for our customers. Whether you are an experienced professional or someone just starting out, we have the knowledge, experience, and range to assist you.

In summary, for everything related to digital calipers, Trabiss Metrology is the specialist. With our extensive range and in-depth industry knowledge, we are ready to provide everyone with the perfect measuring solution.


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