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iGaging EZ-View DRO

EZ-View DRO linear digital readout system.


Completely delivered including:

– Brackets
– Display with magnets
– Mounting bracket

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iGaging EZ-View DRO


iGaging EZ-View DRO linear digital readout system are perfectly for measuring ax displacement from machines. Made of high grade aluminium, a large clear display and magnetic base for easy attachment to metal surfaces. The iGaging EZ-View DRO is using an resolution of 0.01 mm for accurate positioning.




– Large clear display
– Data output port
– Possible to use an 5V adapter or batteries
– Displays can be connected to each other
– Inch/mm
– Easy to shorten it

A good unboxing and mounting video (thanks to Tine Sedej)

Additional information

Weight N/A

Encoder type

EZ-view digital readout

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Machine type

Measuring range of linear encoder