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MNEL 504 digital readout 4 axes

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As replacement of the well known MNEL 220/320 this new 2, 3 and 4 axis available MNEL500 Series Digital Readouts can meet all your requirements.
EAE / IES Mikronel has more than 25 years of experience and is well known for their high quality products.

This digital readout 4 axes comes complete including:

– Transparant protection cover
– English manual
– Mounting bracket
– Power lead

By default, we will send the EU power lead. If you like to receive another power lead than please choose the correct power lead for your country.

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MNEL 504 digital readout


As replacement of the well known MNEL 220/320 this new 2, 3 and 4 axis available MNEL500 Series Digital Readouts can meet the application in all machine tools with maximum performance and it includes features that are essential for increasing productivity. With high-capacity memory it is possible to save 1000 pcs program and for the lathes 1000 pcs tool memory. 6 different language choice is existed as Turkish, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Connection opportunity by contact probe is also available. With 8+1 digit display and standard resolution
values with user designated resolution, MNEL500 is designed for your all requires.

Some functions:

  • ABS / INC Function
  • Metric / Inch Function
  • Single Button Function
  • Bolt Hole Function
  • Shrink Function
  • ½ Function
  • Trigonometric Calculator
  • Linear Error Compansation
  • Segmented Error Compansation
  • Chambering
  • Centering
  • Digital Vibration Filter
  • Smooth Radius
  • Simple Radius
  • Bolt Hole Line
  • Touch Probe Connection
  • Workpiece Angle Measuring
  • Last 5 Digits On—Off Function
  • Tool Diameter Compansation
  • Angular Surface Processing
  • Inclined Z axis Machining
  • Taper Function
  • Menu Position Save
  • Axis Addition
  • Machine Position Reset
  • Tool Storage / Choosing
  • Tool Teach
  • Telling Coordinate
  • Travelling Limit
  • Pausing Axis Value


Additional information

Weight 4,25 kg
Number of axle


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