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Hardness Tester HT-6510MF Memory Foam

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Memory Foam Hardness Tester HT-6510MF, special for memory foam hardness measurement.(memory foam is also known as slow rebound sponge, space zero pressure, space cotton,TEMPUR material, low rebound sponge material, viscoelastic, used in high velocity ofaerospace, aviation, equipment, high-end consumer goods.

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Hardness Tester HT-6510MF

Hardheidsmeter HT-6510MF Functions:

  • Specially for hardness testing of MEMORY FOAM.
  • It meets standards of DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619, ASTMD 2240, JISK7215.
  • With average calculate function.
  • Peak value deposit function.
  • Under-voltage alarm function.
  • Use “USB data output” and “RS-232 data output” to connect with PC.
  • Provide “Bluetooth ™ data output” choice.


Parameters Displayed Hardness Result, Average Value, Max. Value
Measurement Range 0~100 HMF
Measurement Deviation <1 HMF
  Resolution 0.1 HMF
  Spring Force 455 gf
  Sensor Head Diameter 25mm
  Sensor Foot Diameter 80mm
  Auto Switch Off
  Battery Indicator Low Battery Indicator
  Operating Conditions Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ Humidity: 10 ~ 90 %RH
  Power Supply 4 x 1.5 V AAA Size (UM-4) Battery
  Dimensions 162 x 80 x 80 mm (6.4 x 3.1 x 3.1 inch)


250 g(Not Including Batteries)


Standard Accessories

  • Main Unit
  • Carrying Case
  • Operation Manual


Optional Accessories

  • USB, RS-232C data cable with software
  • Bluetooth data out put with software

Additional information

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