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Profile Projector Multi Lens High Precision CPJ-30xx CZ

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Equipped with a foot switch and multi-functional digital readout.

With a rotatable lens unit, you can switch lenses with different magnification. This make it more convenient to work with.

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Profile Projector Multi Lens High Precision CPJ-30xx CZ

Profile Projector Multi Lens High Precision CPJ-30xx CZ is the digital profile, ergonomic and reliable measuring instrument with premium quality.
This instrument is equipped with foot switch and multifunctional data processing system,
which is convenient to output data and sample, enabling the user to effectively and sufficiently inspect the measured objects.
In addition, the instrument is equipped with rotating plate, which can be installed with 3 lenses. As a result,
when the work piece requirement exceeds different magnification, the user can only rotate the rotating plate without replacing another lens,
making it more convenient to operate.
Adjusting the focus is available by ascending and descending the projection tube.
The non-rising-or-decreasing working table improves the stability, measuring range, and accuracy of the instrument.



  • Specifications
Model CPJ-3015CZ CPJ-3020CZ CPJ-3025CZ
Worktable Metal worktable size (mm) 354*228 404*228 450*280
Glass worktable size (mm) 210*160 260*160 306*196
X-ax travel (mm) 150 200 250
Y-ax travel (mm) 100 100 150
Indication error (µm)


Resolution (µm)

0.5 µm

Max. load

< 250 kg

Machine Dimensions LxWxH (mm)


Weight (kg) 170 175 180
Projector screen Size (mm) Ø 312 worktable range > Ø 300 (crosshair)
Rotary range

0 – 360°


1’ or 0.01°

Lens Magnification 10X (optional) 20X (optional) 50X (optional) 100X (optional)
Object view (mm) Ø 30 Ø 15 Ø 6 Ø 3
Working distance (mm) 77.7 44.3 38.4 25.3
Max. measuring height (mm) 90 90 90 90
Power supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz total power consumption: 400Watt

Additional information

Weight 175 kg


Type of display

Type of readout