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Tesa Rugosurf 10G roughness gauge

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Portable, robust and versatility is particularly well-suited for production environments or the inspection of incoming goods.

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Tesa Rugosurf 10G roughness gauge

Tesa Rugosurf 10G roughness gauge, versatile gauge unit with compact design, well suited for use in gooeds inwards inspection, production or the measurement laboratory


  • Input of roughness parameters in accordance with ISO 4278, JIS B0601, DIN and ISO 12085 (MOTIF or CNOMO)
  • Measuring range in the Z-axis of 400 µm ( 6300 µin)
  • Direct displaying of all measured values and computed profiles.
  • 31 roughness parameters available.
  • Flexible autonomy through mains adapter or battery pack
  • Data storage, transfer to a PC of a maximum of 999 measured results.
  • Possible tolerancing of all parameter values.
  • Multilingual menu options.
  • USB data output enabling a direct connection to a PC equipped with TESA RUGOSOFT software (USB cable optional).



Display TFT 2″ colour graphic display
Parameters DIN/ ISO / JIS / ASME
Ra, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rc, Rv, RSm, Ròc, RPc, Pa, Pq, Pt, Pp, Pv, PSm, Pòc, PPc, Rmr, Rz, Rmax, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2

DB N 31007: R3z, r3zm

MOTIF ISO 12085 (CNOMO): Pt, R, Rx, AR
Measuring span, µm 400 µm op de Z-as, 16 mm op de X-as
Accuracy class in accordance with ISO 3274 Class 1
Indication span, µm Ra = 0-100 µm, Rt 0,05-400 µm
Measuring force 0,75 mN (ISO 3274)
Resolution 0,001 µm
Graphics Bearing Area (BAC)
Dimensions 122 x 53 x 81 mm
Degree of protection IP67
Weight 590 g
Stylus diamond tip R = 5 µm, 90°
Cut-off lenghte 0,25 – 0,80 – 2,50 mm
Number of cut-off 1 to 10 for a cut-off of 0,25 and 0,8 mm
Memory capacity max. 1000 measurements with parameters
max. 20 measurements with profiles and pictures
Probing speed, mm/s 1 mm/s
Units mm / inch
Power supply 100-240 VAC; 50-60 Hz; 12 V, 400-650 mAh
Digital data output USB cable connector to PC
Included in delivery SB10 standard probe
roughness standard Ra = 2,97 µm
Positioning pin Ø 8 mm
Detachable probe protector
Integral rechargeable battery
Charger and adapterEU/US
Vertical position standard
User manual

Standard accessories:

  • SB10 standard probe for Rugosurf 20 and 10G, R = 5 µm, 90°
  • Roughness standard Ra = 2,97 µm (117 µin)
  • Battery NiMH, 7,2 V, 300 mAh, format PP3, voor rugosurf 20 en 10G
  • Adjustable vertical positioning suports (2 parts), V-form for cylinder Ø > 100 mm for Rugosurf 10G
  • Transport case with internal protection foam for rugosurf 10G


Optional accessories:

  • Cable Rugosurf 10G and rugosurf 90G to PC
  • Printer for Rugosurf + cables
  • Rugosurf software + dongle
  • Granite 400 x 250 mm with vertical support H150 mm, 25 kg, Grade 0
  • Probe SB10 2µm for Rugosurf 20 and 10G as SB10 but R = 2µm
  • SB20 probe for Rugosurf 20 and 10G for grooves of depth < 5 mm
  • SB30 probe for Rugosurf 20 and 10G for small bores of Ø 4 mm
  • SB40 probe for Rugosurf 20 and 10G, V-shape for cylinders of Ø > 1 mm
  • SB50 probe for Rugosurf 20 and 10G for concave surfaces and for measuring at 90° with Rugosurf 10G
  • SB110 probe for Rugosurf 20 and 10G for concave or convex surfaces, R > 5 mm
  • 100 mm extension for probe with skid for Rugosurf 20, 10G, 90G
  • Roughness standard Ra = 0,1 µm (4 µin)
  • Roughness standard Ra = 0,5 µm (20 µin)
  • Roughness standard Ra = 1,0 µm (40 µin)



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Weight 1 kg
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