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Trabiss Video Measuring system TIVMS-4030F

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Trabiss Video Measuring system TIVMS-4030F has been widely used in the fields of electronics, machinery, instruments. the F series video measuring system is used for 2 dimension measuring

difference between the F and G series:

The F serie has a higher quality camera and the delivery is complete with computer and measuring software.

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Trabiss Video Measuring system TIVMS-4030F

Trabiss Video Measurement System TIVMS-4030F is composed of a series of components, such as high resolution CCD color camera continuous zoom lens, Cross generator, precision linear scale, multifunctional digital readout (DRO)

Difference F and G series:

F series has a higher quality camera and delivery is complete with computer and software.


  • Independently developed QMS3D-M software, high-resolution color camera.
  • By using the light change function of the software, the user will know when the light is saturated
  • the laser indicator can quickly find the target workpiece which is most suitable for advanced workpiece measurement
  • The resolustion of the linear scale is 0.5 µm
  • independently developed QMS3-M software, high-resolution imported color camera


Metal Worktable Size (mm)                                                    606X466
Glass Worktable Size (mm)                                                    450X350
Travel (mm)                                                    400X300
X,Y,Z Axis resolution                                                       0.5µm
Accuracy (µm)                                          E1XY+(2.5+L/100)µm
Dimensions (mm)                                               970X670X940
Weight (kg)                                                        240
Z axis travel 150 ( Can be cutomized made to 200,300,400)

Video system

Camera ½’’ color CCD camera                                 Zoom lens: optional brand lens
zoomlens Magnification: 0.7X~4.5X                             Totale Magnification 20~128X
Field view:   11.1mm~1.7mm
Power supply: AC 100V -240V   50/60Hz                             Power:50W (computer excluded)
Spare part    1.0X lens (standard)    0.5X lens (optional) Working distance


Zoom lens               0.7X4.5X          0.7X~4.5X
Additinal lens Magnification Object View Magnification Object view
0.5X (optional) 10X~64X 22~3.4 50X~32X 44~6.8 175
1.0X (standard) 20X~128X 11.1~1.7 10X~64X 22~3.4 92
2.0X (optional) 40X~256X 5.5~0.9 20X~128X 11.1~1.7 36

Additional information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 970 × 670 × 940 cm