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Tesa Vernier Calipers, resolution 0.05 mm

Models with rounded measuring faces for internal dimensions (without fine adjust device). The simplest calipers to use.

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Tesa Vernier Calipers

Tesa Vernier Calipers with 0.05 mm resolution are the simplest calipers to use with engraved scales for reading very fine divisions on measurements. Models with internal rounded measuring faces (without fine adjust device).


  • Standard: DIN  862 (forme 1AN-2) / NF E 11-091
  • Material: Tempered stainless steel
  • Resolution: 0.05 mm
  • Measuring range: 0-200 mm, 0-300 mm, 0-500 mm
  • Readout: mm
  • Slider with locking screw
  • Satin-chrome scale background; mains scale slightly set back for protection against wear
  • Included: measuring report / declaration of conformity

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Weight 1 kg


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