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iGaging Magnetic base holder

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Magnetic base holder with central locking, that can be switched on and off.
Shaft mounting Ø8mm for dial indicators and probes, and dovetail clamping for swivel probes.
Magnet has 176 lbs. (80 kg) holding power
Body equipped with mechanical central clamping device

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iGaging Magnetic base

iGaging Magnetic base specifications:

  • Sealed system
  • Accepts all types of indicators – 3/8″ stem, Lug Back, and Dovetail.
  • Turning knob to release all degrees of freedom joints.
  • Fine Adjustment
  • Magnet has 176 lbs. (80 Kg) holding power
  • V-Groove base allows mounting it on cylindrical surfaces
  • Universal arm
  • Set to any position with a single button
  • Equipped with a permanent magnet, convenient to hold the dial test indicator for alignment operations.



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