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Dial gauges and swivel probes

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Dial Gauges and Swivel Probes

A dial gauge is an instrument used to measure very small distances or deviations with a high degree of accuracy. Think, for instance, of the flatness of a surface or the roundness of an object. Precision and accuracy form the foundation of countless industries, and to achieve this precision, reliable measuring instruments are essential. Some of the most fundamental tools in this context are digital dial gauges, analog dial gauges, and swivel probes. For stability, one can also consider a dial gauge stand. Buying a dial gauge…

At Trabiss Metrology, you can find both analog and digital dial gauges.

Analog Dial Gauge: Traditional and reliable, these gauges use a physical pointer that moves along a scale to display measurements.

Digital Dial Gauge: Modern variants use a digital display to show measurements. They often come with useful features such as data output and a reset button.

For stability and accuracy during measurements, a reliable dial gauge stand is indispensable. It provides a solid base for the dial gauge and ensures that measurements are consistent and trustworthy.

Top Brands at Trabiss Metrology

iGaging: An innovator in measurement technology, iGaging combines user-friendliness with top quality. Whether you opt for their analog or digital dial gauges, you are assured of accuracy and reliability.

Trabiss: Our own brand, Trabiss, is synonymous with quality and value. With a focus on durability and precision, Trabiss offers dial gauges that provide an excellent balance between price and performance.

Swivel probes are specialized instruments used to locate the center points or reference points on workpieces. With their hinged arm, they can pivot and swivel, aiding in measuring complex geometric shapes. Trabiss Metrology features a swivel probe from Hexagon Metrology in its range.

Buying a dial gauge? At Trabiss Metrology, we understand the importance of accurate measurements. That’s why we only offer the best products:

Expert Advice: Our team of professionals is on hand to advise and assist you in selecting the right tools for your needs.

Wide Range: From analog to digital dial gauges, dial gauge stands, and from simple to advanced swivel probes, we have it all.

Quality Guarantee: As a supplier of both iGaging and our own brand Trabiss, we guarantee that every product we sell meets the highest quality standards.

Whether you are a professional in machine construction, a technician in the production sector, or just someone aiming for accuracy in your projects, dial gauges and swivel probes are instruments you can’t overlook. With brands like iGaging and Trabiss under one roof, Trabiss Metrology offers you the precision you need.

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