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BC20-3L digital readout 3 axes, aluminum housing

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This BC20-3L digital readout 3 axes lathe display  (with aluminum case) comes complete including:

– English manual
– Mounting bracket
– Power lead

ATTENTION! BiGa products are not compatible with other brands without wiring adjustment. If you want to use BiGa in combination with other brand products ask us for advise.

By default, we will send the EU power lead. If you like to receive another power lead than please choose the correct power lead for your country.

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BC20-3L digital readout

This BC20-3L digital readout 3 axes with aluminum case is especially designed for lathes.
We offer Digital readout consoles for every machine, suitable for hobbyists and professionals.



1. 99 sets of simple tool database
2. Calculator function can make the operation more efficient
3. Angle calculation
4. Combine Z-axes (only with 3-axis displays)
5. Linear error compensation or segmented error compensation
6. Diameter / radius function

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Weight 3,4 kg
Number of axle


Machine type


Power cord type

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