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Trabiss Ultrasonic thickness gauge accessories High Temperature Probe

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High temperature probe with a measuring range of 3.0-200mm (steel). 5MHz Φ12 ( UTG-HT ).

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Trabiss Ultrasonic thickness gauge accessories High Temperature Probe

Trabiss Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Probe

  • 5MHz Φ12 ( UTG-HT )
Measuring Range Diameter Frequency Operating Temp
3.0 ~ 200 mm Φ12 mm 5M Hz 60 ~ 300 °C

Why is it necessary to obtain thickness measurements on equipment
operating at temperatures from 300 ºF to 1200 ºF (150 ºC to 650 ºC)? Simply put,
decisions about corrosion and erosion of piping and pressure vessels must be made based on immediate measurements that accurately
reflect the high temperature environment.
What industries require this type of corrosion information at high temperature? Oil
refineries and chemical plants are the principal industries requiring measurements in such corrosive and heated environments and these
industries have adopted onstream inspection point systems to achieve them. Measurements made in onstream inspection point systems are
recorded at the same point each time at predetermined intervals in order to accurately assess the rates of corrosion and erosion and to
project needed replacements.
How can ultrasonic measurements be obtained at elevated temperatures? The
answer, needless to say, is very carefully. Protective equipment is required for the
technician to prevent burns and for the ultrasonic testing equipment to prevent
damage to the transducer and cables.