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Calipon® calliper holder

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Calipon is a Dutch invention and developed exclusively for users of callipers.

The Calipon aims to protect the calliper from damage in general, to avoid the loss and carry out quality measurements using cleaner and undamaged measuring tool.

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Calipon calliper holder

Experience has shown that in companies where a calliper is used, it often must be sought. This is a waste of time! In the metal industry, particularly in the machining, the pocket is often used to store the calliper.
However, the danger exists that the caliper may fall out of here. Damage to the expensive measuring instrument is the result. From experience the calliper can come into contact with dirt, oil and steel chips. By making use of the Calipon calliper holder saves time and costs, it is always within easy reach, and no longer comes into contact with the previously mentioned elements.

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